This is the tale of my personal journey as it pertains to love, desire and sensuality. It is an unusual love story recounting the bliss and heart-ache of unrequited ecstatic romantic love, and my struggles to stay true to my passionate feelings while at the same time honouring the commitments and choices I have made, by finding a way to somehow express my deepest yearning without hurting the people I love most.

Couple dancing salsa on the beach by Alla Bespalov
Salsa en la playa by Alla Bespalov

As my story unfolds, I use creative writing, Jungian psychology and dream work to make sense of it and to channel the substantial energy that comes from my love and passion into something constructive rather than destructive.

It is my hope that my honest introspection will touch someone, and that I will find kindred spirits who have or had similar experiences to mine, as I feel a great need to share my deepest feelings, even if only anonymously.


While my writing is in essence autobiographical, I have taken artistic license in the sense that some conversations and events happened only in the privacy of my fantasies.

Other events occurred in real life but the feelings and thoughts I attributed to those involved could be the sole product of my imagination and desire.

All names and personal details have been changed to protect the people in my life.


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xoxo, Cuban salsa girl.

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