Archetypal bachata — dancing with animus

Dancing passion by Nicole Roggeman
Dancing passion by Nicole Roggeman

I look at you across the room
and take my chance.
My walk deliberate
and purposeful.
You see me,
recognizing my yearning
as yours.

Meant to be.
No need for words.
As if our bodies are following
an age-old ritual.

You meet me halfway
and take my hand,
intentionally leading me away.
Out of sight.

You take me in your arms.
And start moving to the rhythm.
Fueled by curiosity
of how it would feel
to be this close.

Dip by Rain Ader
Dip by Rain Ader

It is a passionate dance.
No tentative looks,
no hesitant touch.
But barely contained lust
after months of holding back,

The magnitude of your presence surprises me,
as does the audacity
of your embrace
and the boldness
of your moves.
yet swept of my feet anyway.
Taking pleasure
as much as I can,
knowing that it won’t last.

You take my arm
and drape it around your neck.
A sweet bosom-touching hug.
Your curly black hair
brushing my arm sensuously.
It is the closeness I have waited for,
imagined, longed,
and pained for.

Flowers in her hair by Nicole Roggeman
Flowers in her hair by Nicole Roggeman

Then the song finishes
and you make your escape.
A few more seconds:
just the time to say
“I got more than I bargained for”.
You laugh and flee,
breaking the spell.

I am still under that spell.
Water I think.
Do I dare look at you?
You look back,
a warm question in your eyes:
Am I ok?
Are we ok?

I suppose I am.
And I hope we are.
One last sip,
putting every precious feeling carefully aside
for later delight.
Time to snap out of it
and ask someone else to dance.
if we’ll ever get
another chance.


Click here if you want to know how and why I came to dance a hot bachata with my sexy Cuban dance teacher!

Click here if you’re curious to why I just wrote my first poem in 22 years and you’d like to have a little background about my past.

xoxo, Cuban salsa girl.

P.S. This is the song we danced to.

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